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frontEnd defination


I have the following haproxy front and back end defined in production, haproxy is currently serving the traffic without having any issues.

DNS for the application “lgshipsvc.market.net” pointed to ipaddress of the load balancer.

HAPROXY config:
frontend lgshipsvc
bind *:8083
bind *:8084 ssl crt /etc/haproxy/certs/*marketing.pem ciphers AES+EECDH:AES8+EDH force-tlsv12 no-sslv3
mode http
use_backend lgshipsvc

frontend lgshipsvcnettcp
bind *:808
use_backend lgshipsvcnettcp

backend lgshipsvc
balance roundrobin
option http-server-close
option httpchk GET /service.svc HTTP/1.0\r\nHost:\ lgshipsvc.marketing.net
server prod-market6 XX.XXX.XX.XX:8083 check inter 30s
server prod-market7 XX.XXX.XX.XX:8083 check inter 30s

how the haproxy serving traffic when the frontend for this application doesn’t have the ACL defined?
(The application is listening on port 8083/8084/808)

Correct me if I am wrong, the incoming requests for haproxy has to be on port 8083/8084/808 - this will be the only way that haproxy can serve the traffic.