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Full uri Method

i have 3 devices android, apple and microsoft client:
send a request with my method “MYMETHOD” https://myserver.com/myapp.

But in the hapoxy debug log i see for android and apple:
fe_vip_443.clireq[0013:ffffffff]: MYMETHOD https://myserver.com/myapp/ HTTP/1.1

and for windows:
fe_vip_443.clireq[0017:ffffffff]: MYMETHOD /myapp/ HTTP/1.1

and it’s working for android and apple client.

i want to rewrite with fulluri, i try to capture and transform request but it’s not working.
acl apps path_beg /myapp
http-request set-var(txn.myvar) str(https://myserver.com/myapp/) if apps
http-request set-uri %[var(txn.myvar)] if apps
i see in log the %[var(txn.myvar)] content and it’s good value but stay the same.

i try manually with curl -D - https://myserver.com/myapp/ -X MYMETHOD
i see the same thing in haproxy debug log
how to forge request to have:
fe_vip_443.clireq[0013:ffffffff]: MYMETHOD https://myserver.com/myapp/ HTTP/1.1


No ideas?,
In other words: how to send a request with the full url to have:
fe_vip_443.clireq[0013:ffffffff]: MYMETHOD https://myserver.com/myapp/ HTTP/1.1

Thanks for your suggestions

Generally the full URI does not belong into the request line. That is something that is only used with a HTTP (forward) proxy.

I have no clue what you are trying to achieve with your own HTTP method here.

Can you give us a bigger picture about what you are trying to achieve, so we don’t spend useless back and forths with the XY-problem?

Thanks for your response,
It’s a example, it’s 3 different clients i don’t know how android and apple clients can create this request with this method and fullURI (seen on debug log)
In the same Frontend ‘fe_vip_443’
fe_vip_443.clireq[0013:ffffffff]: MYMETHOD
And Microsoft client:
https://myserver.com/myapp/ HTTP/1.1
fe_vip_443.clireq[0017:ffffffff]: MYMETHOD /myapp/ HTTP/1.1

clireq means that it’s client request?

Explain the bigger picture please.