Getting TLS certificates with Letsencrypt and HAProxy


last week I wanted to test the new HTTP2 functionality in 1.8-rc3 and then end up writing the steps I took to have TLS with HAProxy starting from a bare Ubuntu 17.04 instance.

I’ve been just consuming from the haproxy community and never giving back so here’s something that I hope might help someone:

Please let me know if you find anything wrong or want some help with anything related.



Thank’s for this.

I would add here that using recent haproxy on debian or Ubuntu is simpler though, just use Vincent’s backports at:

Both Debian stable and Ubuntu LTS have OpenSSL >= 1.0.2 which allows ALPN (thus h2).

Also, why compile LUA from source?

Hi Lukas!

Thanks for the reference regarding the Debian source :+1:

TBH the reason for building Lua from source was simply curiosity.