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HA Proxy ACL for URL matching dynamically


Recently I have gone through HA Proxy ACL details and need help with a specific scenario. My scenario is given below.

My URL’s will be like https://companyName.research.com/index.
Company name is dynamic today I have 2 companies and later it may reach
to hundred.In the ACL section it normally checks in URL that if any
particular String exist or not and according to that forward to back
end. This configurations are not dynamic. Like I have one URL start with
blog then will forward it to blog back end. But my scenario is
completely different. Here system will check is any company name exist
or not if exist then it will forward the request to the back end with
that company name dynamically. Like if company dummy given forward it to dummy.
But as I said company names are not known to me so, it’s ha proxy which
will fetch the company name from url and will find the suitable backend
with name matching and will forward. Is that possible with HA Proxy.


This is possible only if you can pre-configure the backend.