Haporxy autorun doesn't work anymore


I’ve updatet our haproxy instance to 1.6.4. Now, haproxy doesn’t run automatically after systemboot anymore.

I’ve checked if “ENABLED=1” is still present in /etc/default/haproxy
I’ve uninstalled completely haproxy and reinstalled it

Everything without success.

Can anybody tell me if i made somethng wrong or is this option no longer supported?



I’ve tried some things and i found that the script under init.d changed.

Under version 1.6.3, the config file and other configs were static (ex: CONFIG=/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg)
Under version 1.6.4, the config seems to be a bit more variable (ex: BASENAME=basename $0 / CONFIG=/etc/{BASENAME}/{BASENAME}.cfg)

But here seems to be the error. when i let the script write the output from the previously generated variable BASENAME to a text file, i get the following output:

When i launch the script manually (/etc/init.d/haproxy) : haproxy
When i restart the server so the script is called from the system : S20haproxy

This means that the config file and all paths aren’t avaliable…

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Thank you so much! I’ve been stuck on this problem for hours. I put a temporary fix in on my server by removing the references to BASENAME and changing them back to haproxy.

This seems like a critical bug.