HAProxy 1.5 URL regex


I am trying to use haproxy to redirect a URL path with a regex.
Its HA-Proxy version 1.5.18 2016/05/10, and what I am doing is accepted as valid, but it isn’t working.
I am trying
acl aclname url_reg /input=(\*123\*\d{2,6}) -m found redirect location http://backend/message.xml code 301 if aclname

Please what am I doing wrong?

And what are you trying to match? Please provide the log output.

Im trying to match a url path that includes a query parameter ‘input’, which will have a string of digits separated by asterisks.
Something like this …
http://server/url_path&<other_parameters>&input='*123*<2-6 digits>#'

You will need to take into account that those special characters will be URL encoded.

For example:


would really be:


Thanks. I was able to re-jig the lines and it worked with

acl         aclName  urlp_reg(input) \*123\*\d{2,6}