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HAProxy 1.8 + Centos 7


Hello Experts,

I wanted to install Haproxy 1.8 on my Centos 7.
Please let me know if is there any documentation available for the same.



Did you try a search engine - install haproxy on centos 7?


I already tried both of this tutorials but those are for version 1.7
I have tried using 1.8 & followed same steps, but getting below error while starting the haproxy service.
"/sbin/init/default - No such file or directory"


The tutorials work - just swap out the version numbers to compile the new version.
Sounds like you have not added haproxy as a service to the system.

Also check if you can just type haproxy -v to verify the install went correctly.



I have reinstalled my testing setup, things seems to be working now.
I don’t know what was wrong before, but I followed same procedure now.