Haproxy 2.0.2x, HTTP/2 sends only a small amount of data when it receives an HTTP/1.1 chunk response from the backend

We are using version 2.0.20 of HAProxy.

Option “no option http-use-htx” is being used for legacy http support.

On the backend server, the response of the content uses HTTP/1.1 “Transfer-Encoding: chunked” header.

When haproxy receives HTTP/1.1 “Transfer-Encoding: chunked” response from the backend, haproxy sends only a small portion of the entire data during HTTP/2 transfer and stops the transfer.

normal case

error case

The connection is then terminated due to keep-alive timeout.

This did not occur in “option http-use-htx”. It is assumed to be a bug behavior that occurs when “no option http-use-htx” is used.

For legacy http support, “no option http-use-htx” should continue to be used for the time being. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me how to solve it.