Haproxy 2.1 use too much memory more than 200mb when no connections

i used haproxy 1.6.9 before, which only use A few hundred KB when no connections.
recently, i upgrade haproxy to 2.1 with openssl 1.1.1i. when i use the same configuration. Memory usage soared to 200MB

#maxconn 2000000
maxconn 2000
log local1
#user vyos
#group users
uid 1000
gid 100
#stats socket /home/vyos/zvr/lb/sock/9e8536eed4504b49920292f2cf1cff67.sock user vyos
stats socket /home/vyos/zvr/lb/sock/9e8536eed4504b49920292f2cf1cff67.sock gid 100 uid 1000
ulimit-n 4000100

log global
option dontlognull
option http-server-close

listen 9e8536eed4504b49920292f2cf1cff67

mode tcp

timeout client 60s
timeout server 60s
timeout connect 60s

balance roundrobin

server nic- check port 9090 inter 5s rise 2 fall 2