HAPROXY and storefront


i’m trying to load balance sessions to my storefront servers (2 servers), and it doesn’t work.

this is my current configuration:

listen StorefrontHA @IP:443
mode tcp
balance source
option httpchk GET /Citrix/Store/discovery
http-check expect status 200
server my_server_02. @IP check port 80
server my_server_01 @IP check port 80

Can you tell me where is the problem ?

thanks for your help.

And do you have a question or are you just letting us know?

no it’s a question, i updated the post :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate what “it doesn’t work” mean? You get a timeout? And error? Which one?

Also its not clear what you are trying to do … please elaborate:
Are you trying to accept HTTPS on port 443 and then forward it in cleartext to your backends on port 80? That requires a verify different configuration in the first place (for example you will need the certificate and you will need to configure it in haproxy).

When i say it doesn’t work:
i don’t have any error messages, and i don’t have access to my url using the VIP instead the my_server_1 @IP or the my_server_02. @IP.
Im juste trying to proxy my users requests to the backends servers that’s why i tried to add “option ssl-hello-chk” for the {SSL Pass-Through} but it still not working.


Enable logging, so you can check the error messages.

Try to remove health checks completely, to see if that’s the problem.