HAProxy as a "TAP" for clients


I am looking at whether it would be at all possible to setup HAProxy to cover the following scenario.

As a very basic setup

2 clients (for HA) sending the same data to a single server. This causes duplication of data on the server.
(we have no control on the config and code on both the client and server)

So we need to remove the duplication prior to arriving at the server. So one option is to put something in-between the server and the clients, at this point we haven’t solved the duplication of data.

So we want to see if we can use haproxy as an automated “tap” ie we only forward client 1’s connection to the server, on client 1 no longer sending any data (think client down) we open the “tap” for client 2, while shutting it for client 1. If client 1 where to come back online at this point we keep the tap shut, until client 2 fails

Thoughts as to whether this is possible ?

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance


This is not possible and I have no useful suggestions for this use-case. It’s also highly specific to a particular situation, any solution that you’d need or develop would probably only work for one specific scenario.

Thanks, thought so. Was praying I was missing something