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HAProxy between Oracle JOLT client and Oracle Tuxedo Server

Did anyone tried to implement HAProxy on Oracle Tuxedo Server?

JOLT Client->HAProxy->Tux Server.

I’m not super familiar with Tux Server, but here is my understanding of how it works.
assume: there are 3 tux servers : ip1:port1, ip2:port2, ip3:port3
to Connect to these 3 servers, we go through ip4:port4 and this ip4:port4 returns above 3 tux servers IP and ports and client establishes a physical connections with ip1,ip2,ip3 (not with ip4).

when I installed HAProxy in TCP mode between client and Tux servers, still client establishes connections with Tux servers. what I want is
client should have connection with HAproxy and HAProxy should have connections with Tux servers.


Possible? any ideas? Please :slight_smile:.

Lukas Tribus- need your wisdom and help here please…

@lukastribus is this possible? need your help please.

I don’t know anything about Oracle Tuxedo, sorry.

Haproxy will not rewrite IP addresses in applications protocols, so you cannot reverse-proxy those applications, just like FTP.

@lukastribus Thank you for your reply. My understanding is that in reverse proxy, there will be a connection from Client to HAproxy and HAProxy to backend. But in Tuxedo case, initial connection is from Client to HAP and HAP to Tuxedo, but all subsequent transactions go directly from Client to Tuxedo.
I think that’s how Jolt works but Im trying to find if there is an alternative way.

Correct, this confirms that the application transmit the original backend IP address within the protocol, which makes the client then bypass the proxy.

Either you can configure the backend application to use the IP address of haproxy for this, or you can’t use a reverse proxy here.

Haproxy itself won’t be able to alleviate this.

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