Haproxy auto scaling in 'server name' vs '#server-template name 5'

If I have a backend configuration like this

server name _httppr._rtmp.stream.dev._tcp.marathon.mesos

And scale this task to multiple instances the stats keeps showing just one line for this server in the backend.

Thus I have to change the config to
server-template name 5 _httppr._rtmp.stream.dev._tcp.marathon.mesos

Now the stats pages is showing already 5 servers 1 UP the rest in MAINT.

Would it not be more nice to have something like
server-template name a _httppr._rtmp.stream.dev._tcp.marathon.mesos

That would show only one server/task. If I scale the task to 5 it would show 5 servers as UP. If I then would scale this task down to 3. Three would show UP and 2 would shouw MAINT

Or is there some other way to configure this?