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HAProxy for Microsoft Dynamics Navision - Desktop Base Application

Dear All,

I am new to HAProxy and trying to configuration it so I need some help.

I have deployed Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2016 desktop base application. Last time, my windows server 2012 is corrupted that is deployed on VMware and my office operations are interrupted so now I want to deployed HAProxy so that my application server is in HA mode so My question is, is HAProxy worked on deskop base application. Can I deploy HAProxy to use desktop base application for HA mode.

Thank you

We can help you if you ask specific technical questions.

Answering whether or not haproxy can be deployed with this particular application would require knowledge about that application, which I don’t have.

Please elaborate what specifically Navision requires.

Dear Lukastribus,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for late reply.

We are using desktop base Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2016 version. Have one dedicate server installed dynamics nav server and client access from desktop using dynamics nav client. Now we want to do HA for this dynamics nav server and try to balance and distribute load in 2 server.

Hope you understand scenarios.

Thank you

Seems like you have no actual technical information and you need someone to research it for you.

This is not what we do here.

I suggest you get commercial support from someone like haproxy.com or loadbalancer.org or the likes.

Dear Lukastribus,

Thank you so much for your comments. Really Appreciate !!!

Thank you once again.