Haproxy Logs needs to map with APP Server Logs

My setup :-


I am having a Haproxy server attached with multiple app server, which are basically Apache server. I am getting HTTPS request on Haproxy, which got decrypted at APP(Apache) server. I am getting logs on haproxy server and also on apache server. I want to exactly relate the logs of apache and haproxy server.

Sample Logs on Haproxy server :-[21/Nov/2016:10:08:01.579]-DEV-FRONTEND~-dev-backend-servers/[0/3/251]-180----0/0/0/0/0-0/0

Now this request went to one of my backend app server. But as backend app server getting many request, I am not sure how to relate.

My income request is having a header which has some uuid. If incoming request was http, then I could have mapped them. But, Incase of https, I can not extract header, So what else is possible ?

I don't want to decrypt and encrypt data at HAProxy.

I guess you could look at source and destination ports between haproxy and apache.

If you use the proxy protocol, you may be able to log what you need directly on apache (for example source IP).

Alternative method is map both server time with NTP and sych their hardware clock. and use sydig on both machine…You may able to get relate logs for both machine on basis of time.