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HAProxy on AWS Instance

I am running an instance in AWS and i have installed HAProxy but when i run start HAProxy service i got below error.(OS-Centos)

[ALERT] 108/173540 (10131) : Starting frontend http-in: cannot create listening socket [;5988]

Its a simple configuration

maxconn 256
mode tcp
timout connect 5000ms
timout client 50000ms
timeout server 50000ms
frontend http-in
bind *:1-65535
default_backend backend_servers
server sv1

Please help

You are listening the all 65535 ports on all IP addresses. Some ports are not available, because they are used otherwise.

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Yes…You are right.Ports are unavailable not because they are being used but they were not enabled. As soon as i add a iptable rules to enable them, i am bale to start the service… Thanks a lot…