HAproxy, pfsense, ACME unraid server, cloudflare

I really hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have the following setup:

modem → pfsense → managed switch → server (unraid)

  • In the unraid server I have 3 dockers
  1. speedtest running on http
  2. akaunting running on http
  3. nextcloud running on https:
  1. speedtest
  2. akaunting
  3. nextcloud
  • In HAproxy I created 2 frontends
  1. Jarvis (This one is for 443)
    Settings as follows:

Now here if I try to go to:
a. http://speedtest.domain.com it gives me an error, which is correct as I am not looking for this domain on port 80.
b. https://speedtest.domain.com takes me to the right docker with a validated certificate as it should

c. If I go to https://akaunting.domain.com it gives me a “This site can’t be reached error”

I created the following just to test HTTP and I want to remove this.
2. Jarvis-80 (This one is for 80)
Settings a follows:

d. After creating the above, if I go to http://akaunting.domain.com, it shows up fine but says connection is not secure.

What am I doing wrong that speedtest shows up properly on https but akaunting does not? Can someone please help me? Nextcloud works fine on ssl