pfSense / HAProxy slow "establishing secure connection"

I have HAProxy and ACME setup. Domain is with NameCheap, Cloudflare is controlling the DNS. They have an A record that points to my public IP but they proxy it so my public IP is hidden. I also have DNSSEC enabled between Cloudflare and NameCheap. pfSense’ ACME plugin registered a wildcard SSL. This SSL is applied to my internal only sites.

I’ve noticed that primarily on Chromium based browsers although Firefox sort of has this issue too, that when loading an internal site with SSL, it hangs at “Establishing Secure Connection” for about 15 seconds. It eventually loads.

I never had this issue with Nginx Proxy Manager. Any ideas on what this could be?

More info:
I went from mydomain.lan to because I was tired of having to accept the SSL compliant for the browsers each time I used a new system or VM, etc.

I watched this video and did some research, basically, I don’t do anything with the domain other than use it for the wild card SSL. I only use Cloudflare for the a record proxy.

ACME registered the wildcard SSL and HAProxy is applying that to certain docker containers on my proxmox server.

Under System / General Setup
Domain: is

Thank you in advance.