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Haproxy references a backend which was removed


I was using haproxy for load balancing my backend servers. I am on
HA-Proxy version 1.5.2 2014/07/12.
The problem is that after changing my haproxy.cfg configuration and reloading and restarting my haproxy service i can see that i am getting a “503 service not available”. Now when i look at my haproxy logs, I can see that some of the requests are still being redirected to a backend configuration which was removed long time back , I do not have “DSIS_DATA” in my configuration (haproxy.cfg ) as of now . I had done reload and restart of my haproxy service. Why are my requests still being directed to the old backend


Feb 13 11:14:18 localhost haproxy[19407]: [13/Feb/2018:11:14:18.394] HTTP_PROXY~ DSIS_DATA/ 3/-1/-1/-1/3 503 212 - - SCNN 2/1/0/0/0 0/0 “GET /dsdataserver-console/faces/security.jsf HTTP/1.1"


Check if you have old processes still running.

ps auxww | grep haproxy


Yes Sir , that was the issue . I killed all processes and started haproxy service and it seems to resolve the issue
Thank you!