HAProxy running in PfSense returning 503 error with NextCloud and can't fix it

Good afternoon everyone,

I have the following setup in my home-lab:

  • ESXi
    • PfSense
    • NextCloud
  • TrueNAS

I am running HAproxy in PfSense instance, and have a domain that I have set up to access my NAS locally (and I have tested it and can make it work externally, though I do not want to do that). I can access it localy at an address like nas.homelab.com

I am trying to set up NextCloud the same way, this time externally, however, I keep getting a 503 error. I have this set up so I can see it from the internet as well, using a link similar to nc.homelab.com

I’ve gone through and set everything up as best I can using a Lawerence Systems video on the subject, however, I can not figure out how to get rid of the 503 error.

I’ve seen other threads mentioning to make sure I have a default backend to eliminate this error, however I have one set for the NAS, since I know it works, and nothing has changed.

Thank you all for your help!