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Haproxy stats cur session always high

Attached my stats page screenshot

My setup is like webrequest lands on haproxy and it forwards to Apache webserver.

Here are my question / clarifications needed:

Under “session rate” - Cur - 13 - Does it mean 13 webrequests are being processed?
If you see under “sessions” - Cur - 250 Max 250 Limit 250 - What does it means?
I observed most of the time “sessions” - Cur values keep more than 200.

“sessions” - Cur - 250 Max 250 Limit 250 - Does it means no more room left to process requests? What option’s do I need to look into to make some room here?

Can someone please guide?
Thank You

I spent some time to read and understand with this article - https://www.haproxy.com/blog/exploring-the-haproxy-stats-page/

But, still I would like to know if in

sessions” - Cur - 250 Max 250 Limit 250 If cur had reached the limit - What happens with incoming new requests?