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HAProxy vs Apache modproxy

Hi Folks,

In my current organization we are using Apache modproxy for load balancing activities. One of our vendor suggested to use HAProxy for load balancing. I tried searching for what advantages HAProxy over apache modproxy, didn’t find it anywhere. Can some one please help me to understand the differences and advantages of HAProxy over modproxy.


I don’t know anything about mod_proxy or mod_proxy_balancer, but haproxy has been written for this use-case, with a huge amount of functionality like customizable health checks, all kinds of load balancing algorithms, stickiness with various methods, etc.

What’s better for specific deployments however depends. If you have a team that is already familiar with mod_proxy and it has all the features you need and works without any issues, then you should definitely stick to that.

If you need a specific feature or a look at everything for a greenfield deployment, things are different of course.