HAProxy w/ Cloudflare Proxy Origin Certificate SSL Handshake Error

So I can’t tell if this is an HAProxy or a cloudflare one, but could use some guidance. I have my HAProxy setup with let’s Encrypt and everything is working well. Port 443 serves everything and port 80 redirects to 443.

I decided to add Cloudflare proxy in front of my server. I wanted to keep both setups working while I transition so I made a new public server on pretty 2053 with a default nginx backend just to test. My firewall forwards port 443 from cloudflare ips to 2053. I have that setup with a cloudflare origin certificate. When I got out directly it serves the correct certificate.

When I enable the cloudflare proxy though cloudflare marks as 526 ssl error and I see an error in the haproxy log saying that there was a SSL Handshake Error on the server on the cloudflare port (2053).

So it’s getting to the correct public server.

Any tips where to start?

Like I said I can see the connection attempt, but there is some issue between the cloudflare proxy and my server related to SSL.