HAProxy with Old SHA1 Backend

Hello. I have a working HAProxy server, but I’m trying to add a backend that is very old and only uses SHA1.

On my listen directive, I have ssl-min-ver TLSv1.2. But I’m thinking this wouldn’t have anything to do with the backend?

My backend is configured as:
server novell ssl verify none

However, when I try and access it through HAProxy, logs show:
OpenSSL error[0xa000152] final_renegotiate: unsafe legacy renegotiation disabled

Then it returns Error 503 Server unavailable.

How can I get my old server proxied through HAProxy?

Ok, after further research, I know this is an OpenSSL issue. I recently upgraded to Debian 12 on this server and it installed OpenSSL 3.0.11 and this removed TLSv1 completely. But, why wouldn’t “verify none” overcome this and ignore the unsecure certificate from the backend? Am I just out of luck? Is there no way to get this working?