Help identify https frontend erros


I am getting quite a bit of errors on the https frond end and i’m unable to understand exactly what the problem is.

[10/Dec/2016:23:48:07.113] frontend follamigos-https (#3): invalid request
backend (#-1), server (#-1), event #0
src, session #257967, session flags 0x00000080
HTTP msg state 26, msg flags 0x00000000, tx flags 0x00000000
HTTP chunk len 0 bytes, HTTP body len 0 bytes
buffer flags 0x00808002, out 0 bytes, total 345 bytes
pending 345 bytes, wrapping at 98304, error at position 68:

00000 GET /promoting/register?nick_name=Camron21&sex_seeking= ma
00070+ n- woman&province_id=1&day=1&m
00140+ onth=1&year=2016&
00280+ liate_id=1550&s3= HTTP/1.1\r\n
00308 Host:\r\n
00330 Accept: /\r\n
00343 \r\n

Any help would be highly appreciated trying to understand what is the exact problem.

Hi mayday,

I think the request URI is invalid, please make sure you urlencode properly and check for invalid characters.

A temporary workaround can be:

option accept-invalid-http-request

But do fix the issue in your application.