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Hide URL of backend servers from user


Hi, we’re new to HAproxy and sorry for the newbie question. We setup new server for a path /mypath using configuration like following, e.g. oldweb.mysite.com/mypath -> newweb.mysite.com/mypath

frontend http-in
bind *:80
reqadd X-Forwarded-Proto:\ http
default_backend backend_servers
option forwardfor

acl  go_newweb  path_beg  /mypath
use_backend newweb_backend  if go_newweb

backend newweb_backend
server newweb neweb.mysite.com check inter 1000

However, boss wants user to see oldweb.mysite.com instead of newweb.mysite.com in the browser address bar. Possible to do so?

Thanks a lot.


HAProxy acts as reverse proxy and always hides of IPs of Backend Server. Users know IP of HAProxy server. Can you try with IPs instead of URL, and check behavior?


Will check it out (sorry that I’m not administrator of the HAproxy setup).
Anyway, using IP is not preferred by our users and we’ve to find some way to do that.

Thanks a lot.


I don’t understand the question:
oldweb.mysite.com/mypath -> newweb.mysite.com/mypath

The path is the same, only the hostname changes.

So just make the appropriate changes in DNS? I don’t understand what this has to do with haproxy.