How to bind a new IP address into haproxy.cfg?

Hi Guys,

I have a new server and new ip address that I’d like to configure with HAproxy, here is what it looks like in haproxy.cfg:

frontend my-prod-URL-https
mode tcp
no log
default_backend prod-myserver01_backend_tcp_ssl

backend prod-myserver01_backend_tcp_ssl
mode tcp
no log
server myserver01.test.local check #ssl verify none cookie A

Is this the right configuration?
This IP address is available and never assigned to any host but I still can’t ping it after configured (bind it in the HAproxy.cfg. Did I miss any step(s) before binded this ip address?
Both subnets and are routed with OSPF. Any hosts in these 2 subnets are reachable.


Haproxy does not respond to pings, your kernel does, IF you actually configured the IP address on your OS/kernel.

So, did you configure the IP address on your operating system?

Thanks Lukastribus. I didn’t a quick check, I have not configured IP on the OS. It’s Redhat, what is quick command to add into it? This box’s NIC is having