How to change response petition with 302?

Hi Community
I have a problem, I have a request server behind a HAPROXY and when receiving requests through http it sends 302 redirects, how could I make the requests go through with their native message if they have 200, they go with 200 or if they have 401, they go with 401 but without carrying the 302
For your attention, thank you very much

I’m not fully understanding the question. Could you clarify your desired behavior a little bit?

Client sends GET /thispage.html HTTP/1.0 and the server sends 302 /noThisIsPage.html but you want HAProxy to change that to a 200? Or do you just want to drop any 302 messages totally? So Client sends GET /thispage.html HTTP/1.0 and HAProxy gets 302 from the server and just drops it and sends back nothing?