How to configure 995 port for mail client

Hi guys,
i was working on configuring 995 port for enabling mail client access through 995 , 110 port is working fine with mail client (thuderbird).below mentioned my both configuration of frontend and backend of both ports , please help me to fix this issue.

frontend conf of 110 & 995

frontend sa_frontend_pop3
mode tcp
option tcplog
bind *:110
#ssl crt /etc/nginx/certificates/ssl.d no-sslv3
default_backend sa_pop3

frontend sa_frontend_pop3s
mode tcp
option tcplog
bind *:995 ssl crt /etc/nginx/certificates/ssl.d/
default_backend sa_pop3s

Backend conf of 110 & 995

backend sa_pop3
mode tcp
balance source
option log-health-checks
server mail_sa_srv1 xx.xx.xx.x:110 check

backend sa_pop3s
mode tcp
balance source
option log-health-checks
server mail_sa_srv1 xx.xx.xx.x:995 check

995 port is not working error from client is unable to find your mail settings, is there any mistake or do i need to any additional configuration ?

Thanks in advance


i think you need tell haproxy to connect to your pop3s server using a ciphered connection by appending to the server line in that backend the ssl verify option
Like this:
server mail_sa_srv1 xx.xx.xx.x:995 check ssl verify

this ofcourse assumes that your pop3s server already has ssl configured properly.
You could also have the sa_frontend_pop3s be in tcp mode without ssl and send traffic to your pop3s server and let pop3s do the ssl work to avoid double encryption/decryption
on haproxy