How to define global maxconn parameter


Is there any possibilities to define global maxconn parameter value for one haproxy process and known CPU/Memory/Network parameters? I mean without load testes.

All I’ve found in documentation is 3.5. Sizing

thank you in advance

That is a little like trying to nail jelly to the wall (A developer I know once said that!).

I like how pfsense show rough memory needed for connections in their WebUI:

Connections Memory usage
1 50 kB
1.000 48 MB
10.000 488 MB
100.000 4,8 GB
Calculated for plain HTTP connections,
using ssl offloading will increase this.

However, that is also a BSD distribution so not the same as Linux, I remember something about 33kB per conn… I think it was around 17 for the kernel and 16 for the userspace but that was such old data even if correct then it’s not likely now. HAProxy Enterprise have a nice Blog too: Sizing recommendations | HAProxy Enterprise 2.1r1