How to set http-request set-header for just specific backends?

I have defined a lua header in haproxy config to add a header (X-Request-Id) to all incoming requests, but now I need to exclude one of the backends!

Here is my related config file:

    lua-load /var/lib/haproxy/uuid_v4.lua

frontend http-https
    http-request set-header X-Request-Id %[lua.uuid_v4]
backend app_aa
    server swarm-worker_10.10.40.36 check

backend app_bb
    server swarm-worker_10.10.40.36 check

backend app_cc
    server swarm-worker_10.10.40.36 check

My question is how can I exclude backend app_bb?
Can I somehow set http-request set-header just for app_aa and app_cc NOT the app_bb?

Thank you

Either move it to the actual backends or use ACL to exclude it, just like as you use it when selecting the backend with use_backend.

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