How to synchronize backend state?


I’ve setup a haproxy active-passive cluster using ucarp.
Now my question is: how would I synchronize backend state?
I.e. when I set the backend state to “drain” on one of the nodes I would like to have this change replicated to the other node.


This is not possible, there is no synchronization between backend states.

This is a pity…
So either I need to remember to always perform changes on both systems. Or I do not use the web frontend at all but write some scripts to talk to both haproxy sockets or I give this a try: GitHub - chrislusf/teeproxy

I do not like either of these possibilities…

Correct. If you want to orchestrate multiple haproxy instance from one dashboard, you need additional abstraction.

Maybe the dataplane API can help you orchestrate something Announcing HAProxy Data Plane API 2.5 - HAProxy Technologies