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HTTP/2 support in 1.7


Does HAProxy 1.7 support http/2 in http mode (not in tcp mode)? If not, what is the plan for HTTP/2 support? I can use HTTP/2 in tcp mode but we need to access path and header matching features to properly route all traffic on 443 port.


Http2 support in version 1.8

No, haproxy 1.7 doesn’t support h2 in http mode, and current development code doesn’t either.

It is on the roadmap, but there are no hard deadlines for this. There are some discussions about this on the mailing list.


Is there any update on including http2 in Haproxy version?



Looks like there is some progress:

But there still is a lot to do, its a Work in Progress. There still is no code committed.


Thanks @lukastribus. It will take lot of time like 4-6 months.