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What are the plans for HTTP/2?


Are there any plans to support HTTP/2 natively in HAProxy (either natively in the frontend or allowing for a HTTP/2 backend) ?

As it stands the only practical method of deploying HTTP/2 would be fronting HAProxy with NGINX or losing out on a bunch of features and doing TCP balancing.


Hi Sam -

There are plans in the works - there have been a few tidbits thrown out on the mailing list from time to time:

From Baptiste:

HTTP/2 will be support in 1.7, if not in 1.6 :slight_smile:
It’s a long journey, you know :slight_smile:

From Willy:

Thus my first goal with HTTP/2 in haproxy really is to make it a
solid H2->H1 gateway in order to provide a seamless migration to H2
to everyone, just like haproxy was massively used to provide IPv6
connectivity for the last IPv6 day.

I’ll still focus on H2 on the backend but more as a longterm goal, to
help making architectural choices when needed, but I don’t see this as
a benefit for now. It will probably be one when servers start to exploit
server push, which could be a reason for having H2 on the server side.
But that’s not urgent in my opinion.


but was a consequence of the applet
rework done months ago to prepare for HTTP/2

Hope that helps!

  • Andrew


Any updates on this ? :smiley: I will have to fallback to caddy server if I can’t have http2 here :frowning:
Will this be ready/Is this ready on development version 1.7 already?



+1 here. Looking forward to HTTP/2 support


This silence is quite scary :slight_smile:


Apache Traffic Server is a very capable HTTP proxy (cache) with good HTTP/2 support. You can put that in front of haproxy, too.