Http backend with vip call question


Hi there,

i have a stardard haproxy conf like this:

frontend TEST
bind #VIP
mode http
default_backend TEST-BACK
option accept-invalid-http-request

backend TEST-BACK
balance roundrobin
server AS1 yyy.yyy.yyy.101:8080 check port 8080
server AS2 zzz.zzz.zzz.102:8080 check port 8080

and works fine with client request.

But when inside (not from client) AS1 there is a request to the VIP sometime haproxy redirect the request to AS2 (it’s normal because roundrobin option) so my application failed

so my question is:

How i can set a rules who always redirect the AS1 —> VIP request to AS1, and always the AS2 --> VIP request to AS2?

Client ----> VIP —> AS1/AS2 works fine

Client ----> VIP ----> AS1 ----> VIP ----> (here i want to redirect only to the AS1 and not AS2)
(and obv same for AS2)



Consult the documentation about the balance keyword. There are plenty of options: