Http-request replace-value Host

Dear all,

I’ using a system which, in the case the user has forgotten the password he gets an email after filling like this
The strange thing is the https at the beginning, which is correct and the port :80 at the end.

The browser reports an error like : SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

I had fixed this since month with: http-request replace-value HOST (.*):80 \1:443
which I added in the frontend (advanced mode: in the section Option pass-through)
But now this workes not more, however I made some update in HAproxy (Version 3.7)

If I make the change manually, it works fine.

Any ideas what had happened.

Any help is appreciated

What does that mean? Are you using some abstraction to haproxy, like pfsense/opnsense Webinterface?

We can help with haproxy, not with whatever third party GUI you are working with, but as you say:

Yes, I’m using HA-Proxy within OPNSense Framework