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HTTP2 with HAProxy

We are using HaProxy as a reverse proxy, SSL certifications are installed in the Load Balancer (SSL offloading). In the backend we have some websites using shopware and typo3 .

We have enabled HTTP2 in HAproxy in order to improve the performance of our websites.

The website using (typo3) crashed after few hours, the load average in the webserver increased to high level: 25-30 with many HTTPD process !! I got some error from log file (too many connections to the DB…).

I’ve added some resources to the webserver (20 GB of RAM, 8 CPU ), the server resist but it finally crashed.

Other websites using shopware works fine…

I’m not sure if this is related to our architecture (SSL offloading) or there is something to be changed in the backend (Apache or typo3).

HA-Proxy version 1.8.14-52e4d43
Webserrver apache

Thank you.