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Implement self created filter


Hello guys!
As already the most of you know, does HAProxy have a new Filter Support Feature, so you can build your own filter.
So i have built my own filter for now and everything is great.
My question now is… Is there another way to build (implement) the filter, then adding it in the Make file?
Can not find anything in the docs or somewhere…


I’m not sure I really understand your question.

You developed your own filter, but did not add it to the Makefile? How does it work then?

You can take a look at how others added their filter to the Makefile for example:



Thanks for your reply!

For sure i have added it to the makefile by hand, but the question is if there is an another way to do that?
Maybe by referencing the filter file in a make parameter.


No, that’s not currently supported. If you have a proposal to implement this, please use the mailing list, as that is where all the development related issues are discussed.