Can we add feature without compilation

i would like to understand what is the ‘Feature list’ in haproxy -vv output cmd.

if i have + or -

Could i add feature without recompiling?


+ means you have it, - means you don’t.


I have Ubuntu Server 20.04 with default repos, i installed with apt haproxy, i would like to add feature, can i compile the same version and retrieve the compiled module to insert in haproxy?

What feature you think you need that is not present in the Ubuntu repository build?

No, haproxy doesn’t support modules.

I need tproxy, i am behind NAT and i want to control tcp connection ip address

I just installed haproxy on Ubuntu 20.04 and it installs 2.0.13-2ubuntu0.3 2021/08/27 which supports it out of the box:

Feature list : [...] +TPROXY +LINUX_TPROXY  [...] 

Is that not the case for you? Can you share your FULL output of haproxy -vv?

tproxy will require some dirty tricks with ip forwarding, putting haproxy in your lan as a default-gateway for the backend server, etc.

It’s a complex configuration. Are you sure you exhausted all other possibilities, like the proxy protocol, X-F-F headers and the like?

XFF http only, send-proxy require backend to support it.
There are others possibilties ?

No, thats it. But for Tproxy you need to change your network configuration, and put the haproxy instance in there as a default-gateway. It’s not a trivial configuration.

Anyway, the haproxy build shipped with Ubuntu supports tproxy just fine as per my earlier post.

Thanks, i seen,
thanks for your help.