Implementing Openvpn + haproxy or stunnel?

Hi, Im a bit confused regarding use of haproxy with openvpn and/or stunnel and openvpn. Was reading up on using stunnel with openvpn. Then I found a few articles about haproxy doing the same thing as stunnel ?

My goal is to tunnel openvpn through an ssl tunnel so traffic looks as close to https as possible. Is haproxy able to do the same as stunnel ? If so, how would that work regarding certificates ? I am using haproxy already to connect openvpn (i dont have ssl offloading enabled on this frontend, so no cert) … Does the frontend need ssl offloading enabled to build a tunnel like stunnel ?


Haproxy can do the same thing as stunnel, yes (SSL termination in all necessary directions).

As for the certificates, I suggest you consult the original article. In short, the certificates in haproxy/stunnel are separate.