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Installing a higher version of HAProxy on RHEL 7.6

I am using RHEL 7.6 and found that the highest version of HAProxy is 1.5.18. This version does not recognize sni term (similar case: HAProxy for converting HTTP to HTTPS request with server requiring SNI ).

Which path is supported by HAProxy:

  1. Is there an HAProxy on Windows? I know that there is no download for it.
  2. Can we install any version of HAProxy like, 2.1 on RHEL 7.6? What are the steps.


We do not provide any binary packages at all, but source tarballs only.

There is no version for windows.

You can build haproxy packages from source or use some RPM, Julien Pivotto just posted his build on the ML:

The IUS repository includes separate tracks for HAProxy 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 2.0.