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Load balancing video streams


I want to set up haproxy which would load balance video streams. For example, backend endpoints are:


The questions are:
Is this even possible? Since I have no classic http response, how will I know when the backend server is down?

This works (backend section):

server someserver someserver:80 redir http://someserver/video/stream1.ts check
server otherserver otherserver:80 server redir http://otherserver/stream/stream1.ts check


acl is_iptv path_end .ts
use_backend iptv if is_iptv

How will haproxy know that one of the server is down since there is no http response, but a video stream?

Also, I guess because I use “redir”, haproxy just redirects client to the first backend server and it doesn’t know what is happening, It will always send all clients to first server?

Anyway, is there any example how to deal with load balancing such backends (video streaming servers?), should I even use http, or tcp?

In ideal scenario, I would like the client who is connecting to the frontend .ts not even notice a break in the video stream when one of the backend .ts servers goes down.

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