Haproxy setup on Nginx rtmp

Hello, I am using nginx rtmp on my server for streaming. I have 1gbps server but itis not sufficient. I have 2nd server with 1gbps. I want to add 2nd server as a haproxy load balancer so that my stream will get 2gbps. I want to add more servers like that. What will be the procedure to add? Installation methods are available on internet but I don’t know which setup should I use so that my stream will get another 1gbps from 2nd server. Also I want to use cpu of 2nd server. It will increase stability of streaming. Please help me to setup.
Thank you in advance.

No one hepls here?

This is a complex topic, I do not imagine that you will get all the answers you need in this forum, but generally speaking you will have to put haproxy on a third server connected with 10Gbit/s and then load-balance in tcp mode towards the two existing servers.

Can you please provide me any perfect tutorial to setup tcp load balancer?