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Log only successful connections


Good morning,

Hi, my name is Igor and I have a problem with the logs of HaProxy. I am using HaProxy to balance the SSH connections between some servers and I need to log only the successful connections.

I am trying using the option dontlognull in the frontend section, but it logs me everything, successful and unsuccessful connections.

Is there any possibility of loging only the successful connections? Or at least, know which ones are successful and which ones not.

I also use the option logasap to log the connections before close them, and sometimes log the connection before close it and sometimes not. But well, this is not so important because at the end it log the connection.

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Thank you for everything.


did you resolve the logging issue? I have the same prob but for TCP connection I want to log only successful connection, not everything.


I did not manage to register the successful connections and it was for a job at the university, so I have not continued working on that. Sorry :frowning: