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Lower case url_param


I’d like to use rate limiting in HAProxy based on url_param.
My problem is that I have an url_param which can be lowercase or uppercase.
So I have the rate limiting code wich just works fine if the url parameter in the request comes with lower case characters like someid. example.com?someid=asd
But if the request comes like this: example.com?SomeId=asd my acl and http-reqest command do not catch it.
Here is my rate limiting config lines:
acl exceeds_limit url_param(someid),table_http_req_rate(srt_req_prot) gt 2
http-request track-sc0 url_param(someid) table srt_req_prot if !exceeds_limit
http-request deny deny_status 429 if exceeds_limit

Can you help me out?