Mailing list problem

I subscribed to a mailing list, and there is a steady stream of new messages incoming, so I tried to send a message with a proposed patch to [], and got some autoreplies from admins about them ‘no longer working there’

what do, why, what’s wrong with me


those auto replies are simply obsolete subscriptions that we will have to cleanup, but there is nothing wrong on your side, the fact that you got auto-replies means that your email made it to the list.

You can see your submission here:


@lukastribus umm, sorry for bothering you again :slight_smile: How can I ask someone to code review/accept/reject this particular patch?
Should I wait, change something or resend patch with correct subject lilke "[PATCH] … "?

I’ve just looped in the maintainers of LUA and SSL, but it may take some time before they can review.

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