MAINT mode as default for a server

Hello, I would like to set a server status as maint by default.
Right now I’m using the API to set that but when Haproxy restarts I would like maint to by the default mode.

Is that possible?

You can use default_backend in the defaults, frontend or listen section.
Syntax: default_backend <backend>

And then you can use use_backend in the frontend or listen section.
Syntax: use_backend <backend> [{if | unless} <condition>]


listen http
    mode http
    bind *:80
    use_backend prod if x
    default_backend maint

backend maint
    http-request return status 400 content-type text/plain string "Maint mode!"

backend prod
    http-request return status 200 content-type text/plain string "Production mode!"