Hi, would it be possible to increase max stick counters to say 500? The config manual says to use “MAX_SESS_STKCTR” during the build time but setting it in the make flags is not honored. Using version 2.4.12. Please let me know if anyone has any insights into this.

Works fine here, 2.4.12 compiled:

make clean; make TARGET=linux-glibc CPU=generic DEFINE="-DMAX_SESS_STKCTR=500"

When trying to use a stick counter above 499:

[ALERT]    (9604) : parsing [../cert/haproxy.cfg:58] : error detected in frontend 'myfrontend' \
while parsing 'http-request track-sc555' rule : \
555 track-sc number exceeding 499 (MAX_SESS_STKCTR-1) value.

Was unaware of that way to add the flag. Thank you for helping me!

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