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Missing stats when reload? (1.8, 1.9-dev10)


Hello, I’m testing HAproxy 1.8 and 1.9-dev10.

I have set stats to pull out monitoring result from socket file(instead of csv), and

everything is OK unless I continuously soft reload haproxy(kill -USR2 1).

I set master-worker mode and expose-fd listeners like this.
(stats socket /run/haproxy/admin1.sock mode 666 level admin expose-fd listeners process 1)

When I try soft reloading HAproxy, HAproxy shows great performance without any dropping packets. However, at that time, I see the loss of stats graph(I’m using separate monitoring agent like prometheus + grafana)

anything I have missed or try to?

I appreciate for your advise.


Not sure what exactly “loss of stats graph” is, but it definitely is a consequence. What does that mean exactly and what is the actual haproxy behavior that is causing this consequence?

Meaning a single reload does not cause whatever you mean by “loss of stats graph”?


Hey there,
yes, HA-Proxy drops the stats after reloading. I wish it didn’t but that is currently how it works. You can save the current state (availability) in a file when reloading - however, that does not save the stats either. Right now, to my knowledge, there is no way with HA-Proxy to keep the stats. What I currently do is - when reloading haproxy - to save the stats in a file, see: https://makandracards.com/makandra/36727-get-haproxy-stats-informations-via-socat


Ok, so it is about stats resetting on a single reload, which is indeed expected behavior.

You have to handle that in whatever application reads from the stats socket; when it detects an overflow (value decremented when compared to the last read), it should handle it appropriately.