Mode TCP domain acl

Hello, i need help :confused: !
I try to proxying my rdp virtual machine on proxmox
this is my current configuration of haproxy.
i know in tcp mode acl with hdr(host) not work because we not use http.
So how can i do for in function of the dns i ask be redirected to the good backend ?


frontend rdp
  mode tcp
  bind *:3389
  acl kali-200 req.payload(0,4) -m str kali.x.fakdomain
  acl windows-300 req.payload(0,4) -m str sli.x.fakdomain
  use_backend windows if windows-300
  use_backend kali if kali-200

backend kali
  mode tcp
  server kali-200

backend windows
  mode tcp
  server windows-300

You cannot.

hdr(hosts) access the Host header in the HTTP protocol, requiring thus the HTTP protocol.
SNI matching accesses the SNI value in the SSL client hello, requiring thus SSL.

None of this is related to RDP.